In this environment your child will enjoy the continuity of the same care provider everyday and the low teacher to student ratio which is so important to meet their indivdual needs.  They will spend time in a multi-aged grouping, just like in a family or community environment, which will allow them to learn from each other and teach each other both socially and intellectually. 

Best Practices In Education - The Case for Multi-Age, Integrated Early Childhood Classes

"Multiage Groupings" from NORWESCAP

In concert with my philosophy, the daily program addresses all areas of each individual child’s development and integrates their needs, interests and abilities.  Our day revolves around a balance of quiet and dynamic activities, taking into consideration their developmental needs and schedules.  All children are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of pursuits, including dramatic play, music & movement, arts & crafts, story & circle time, fun academic enrichment activities, socially motivated interactive play and motor skills development.  Toddlers start to engage in these activities early in their development while infants in the group are able to interact, observe and are always included.

I believe that the early years of a child’s life are critical for developing a positive, self-confident, motivated-to-learn individual who will grow to become a competent, happy and successful adult. In addition, I also believe that a clean, safe, nurturing environment outside the home is beneficial to your child and helps each individual learn important and appropriate social skills which every adult needs to excel in today’s society.  The cognitive, physical, emotional and social needs of the “whole” child should be taken into account and, by addressing these areas along with helping to develop a positive attitude towards learning, will ultimately enhance a child’s overall self-esteem and self-image.

I have taken special care to insure the safety of your child.  I am certified in Infant/Toddler CPR and also basic first aid.  My home is equipped with fire detection on all 3 floors, carbon monoxide detection in the classroom, 3 fire extinguishers on site and no fire arms on the premises.  Fire drills and emergency procedures are practiced and reinforced with children of the appropriate age groups. 

Non-Discrimination Policy
I admit children from 6 weeks of age without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, or ancestry.  Children with special needs are accepted as long as a safe, supportive environment can be provided for that child and it is determined that we can successfully meet the needs of that child in concert with the needs of the other children in my care.

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Hello - my name is Alison Gall or better known as "Miss Alison".  I am a mother and former corporate professional myself so I understand how emotional it is to make the right decision for the care of your child.  As a highly motivated care giver with an education in Child Psychology, an innate teaching ability and lots of training with “special needs” techniques, I will give your little ones loving care as if they where my own.  I am passionate about what I do and the children in my care, therefore, I am always looking to learn more about early childhood development by continuing to self educate myself not only through personal research, but through seminars and classes as well.